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Quote Marks Open Pindar have been a fantastic company to work with and made the process extremely easy. Following a one-off payment we now have excellent templates which businesses, communities, schools and developers can use to create their own travel information leaflets. This simple approach will ensure that the County Council's sustainable travel messages are clearly and consistently promoted across the county, helping to achieve our aspirations for behavioural change. Quote Marks Closed

Bucks County Council

Bus Route Registration Maps


Pindar Creative has developed 'Route Mapper' a tool to provide a simple and cost-effective on-line solution to create bus route registration maps.

This tool is designer for Bus Operators or Local Authority who need to create bus route maps for submission to the Traffic Officer or to tender bus services.

Route Mapper features:

  • Draw unlimited routes
  • Add markers to routes
  • Save your routes
  • Edit routes
  • Save layers
  • World map
  • Print routes

This tool can also be used to amend bus routes affected by road works or add rail replacement services.

Route Mapper can also be used to create an editable database of cycle and walking routes, crossing, cycle parking facilities, safe walk routes to schools and park and stride locations and much more.