Bus Stop Publicity

At Pindar Creative we have automated the production of Bus Stop Panels enabling us to offer high-quality printed bus stop publicity at a cost-effective price.

Bus Stop Panel

Our solution includes:

  • The design and compilation of a range of templates to fit your various panel sizes.
  • Templates can include standard header and footer information, space for route maps and fillers.
  • Linear maps and stop specific timetables generated from TransXChange or ATCO CIF data.
  • Flexibility to replace stop and destination names within the data (e.g. where dynamic destination is limited to 19 characters, these can be replaced with the full name).
  • Stop specific or full timetables can also be supplied from various scheduling packages.
  • Automatics can be inserted where required.
  • Fillers can be added where required.
  • Create individual route maps.
  • Creation of vicinity maps centred on the bus stop showing onward travel.
  • Generation of NFC & QR codes and traffic analysis.
  • Links to real-time information.
  • Printed using light-fast inks and waterproof/tear-resistant material.
  • Panels can also be delivered in running order
Metrobus Timetable Publicity

Benefits include:

  • Faster turnaround.
  • Cost-effective solution.
  • High quality durable panels.

Please see the following case studies providing more information:

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Bus Stop Panels

Digital Bus Stop Panels

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