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Public transport information stored in a suitable database format allows your data to be repurposed for various publishing outputs from print and Internet, to public information terminals.

Dorset Timetable Publicity

We convert, import and capture your valuable data, which might consist of text, mapping information, or images from a variety of file formats. A full audit and validation process ensures your data integrity remains intact.

From this we can:

  • convert your data into whichever format you wish, remaining true to your corporate style
  • repurpose this same data to supply regional journey planners
  • combine data from many travel operators into a single or composite timetables
  • adjust this data for re-use in your other publications
  • convert your existing data even if formatted to an existing industry specification
First Timetable Publicity

Data re-use, improved accuracy and eliminating the duplication of data input, combine to increase the speed and efficiency of your travel information publishing.

Whatever your needs, you can be certain of an accurate, reliable, fast and secure service; Contact Us for more information.

posters and panels

Dorset Timetable Publicity

We manage:

  • content preparation
  • page styling and make-up
  • full print production

For large-format travel information posters and panels, and ensure they meet our customers' specific needs.

Examples can be found at bus, coach and rail stations, bus stops, travel information centres and many other relevant public information points nationwide.

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Timetables & Leaflets

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