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Online portal to generate your at-stop publicity

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MARI is an online portal that allows the generation of linear maps and stop-specific timetables direct to PDF for Bus Stop Displays/Panels. Inserting fillers, QR codes, promotions, route maps or vicinity maps etc. can be accommodated automatically.

The system is web based and is accessible by all major browsers. The system is password protected and runs securely on HTTPS. The interface houses a number of pre- built templates, with the ability for further templates to be created if needed. Multi-page templates can also be created. These templates can be selected and the output PDF files are ready to be printed as hard copy posters for display to the public and can match customers brand requirements and panels sizes.

The system uses data feeds with TransXchange and Naptan data for the following information and feeds from customer for the following information:

  • location of all bus stops and localities (Naptan); users can decide whether services are included on the tabular information
  • services (TransXchange); users can decide which services are included
  • continuation services and destination supplied by customer

The system interface will allow users to edit stop names, service linear names, service destinations, add custom notes against a service or individual journey, either on a panel basis on across all panels within the service. We understand the importance of delivering an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that will enable new users to quickly grasp the system, and works with minimal processing times.

The Panel Edit screens within the system enable us to modify panels prior to print if core data from Travelline is incorrect.

The panel notes section will clearly display logical codes regarding service variations, whilst also showing destinations serviced by each route and the deviation on certain journeys. If required, it is also possible to specify or change directions and destinations shown if this is unclear.

Panels are designed with a fixed font size, this will ensure clear and ease of reading.

Arriva bus stop panel created with MARI
Arriva bus stop panel created with MARI
View the MARI overview document

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