Active & Sustainable Travel Solutions

Pindar Creative specialises in producing mapping products to promote active and sustainable travel. We work in partnership with a wide range of organisations to support their active and sustainable travel initiatives by delivering cost-effective solutions that make use of royalty-free mapping resources, where possible.

Custom products

We deliver easy-to-use, legible mapping products to encourage people to walk, cycle, or scoot to school, university or their workplace, like this award-winning map created for Seaford Head School and Living Streets. Our intuitive, responsive mapping websites can deliver a wealth of information on cycling, walking or travelling by public transport, including links to real-time travel information.

Create your own sustainable travel leaflet

Pindar Creative has developed an online portal, SALI, to enable organisations to generate site-specific sustainable travel leaflets (web and print) for their location. Using OpenStreetMap or custom mapping and combining with one of a series of pre-defined templates for schools, workplaces or community groups, users can create tailored publications.

SALI is now used across more than 30 local authorities across the UK and was shortlisted for Modeshift's National Sustainable Travel Awards and Landor's TransTech Award. Discover how Leicestershire County Council's Choose How You Move initiative is using SALI to help schools and workplaces promote active travel.


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