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Quote Marks Open Maps and leaflets are an effective way to get messages across to staff, parents and residents in order to help influence thier behaviour and ultimately encourage a reduction in car use. By highlighting the sustainable travel options that are available and indicating their benefits, people are more likely to give these options a try. There is space available to add your own photograph, specific information on initiatives that you are planning to run, and any key messages, this will help to make your leaflets or maps unique and tailored to your own specific needs. It is a quick and easy process which could have some really positive results! Quote Marks Closed

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Simple and cost-effective solutions to promote residential and workplace travel plans through the production of a range of leaflets, wall charts and interactive websites to encourage staff and visitors to travel to work using sustainable modes of transport (bus/cycle/walk/rail/car share).

Our customers include Westrans, Kent County Council, Buckinghamshire County Council, Surrey County Council, West Sussex County Council, Park Inn Hotel Heathrow Airport and Brunel University.

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