Action Storage E-Commerce Case Study

the customer

Action Storage have been supplying the latest, most innovative ranges of shelving, lockers and racking for over two decades.They have equipped thousands of schools, hospitals, offi ces, shops, stores and warehouses over this time, enabling them to maximise the most effi cient use of their storage space. The success of Action Storage is due, in part, to making their range of products as accessible as possible through their website and catalogue, and providing great customer service as well as great products.

Action Storage E-Commerce Case Study

the problem

Action Storage had been using their existing website for over 10 years, but had reached the stage where they needed to enhance their online presence. Action Storage's product range includes over 700 shelving and 800 different locker confi gurations, and so it was very important to have an effective content management system with central data store, greater functionality and more integrated properties. Also crucial to their future growth strategy was the ability to have a system which supported the growth of online business, and which was scaleable so that it would grow as the business did. Finally, they required the new system to allow them greater administrative control.

the solution

Pindar Creative's Active Catalogue e-commerce solution provided Action Storage with the functionality, scalability and features they needed to support their ongoing business. Our e-commerce team came up with the initial concepts for the look and feel of the site, agreed fi nal design and implementation. Data was then extracted from the existing website and moved into the new content management system where it was standardised and where new images would be added.

Additionally, we worked closely with Action Storage on search engine optimisation, making sure they retained their website profi le and positioning, which was important. Since the site went live, search engine rankings remain consistently high.

the benefits

  • Better, more detailed communications with access to customer accounts at the back end of the system.
  • Quicker response times, making customers' ordering and shopping experience easier and more productive.
  • All images and data in the correct size and style makes updating easier in terms of text, images and pricing.
  • Real time payment processing is great for customers and the business alike.

Action Storage Case Study

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Quote Marks Open Throughout the process I felt the e-commerce team responded very well to any issues that arose, and were always available to speak to when we needed them. We enjoyed working with the team and look forward to working with them and Pindar Creative again on other projects in the future. Quote Marks Closed

Carmel White
Marketing Manager

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