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The Customer

Brunel is a world-class university based in Uxbridge, West London. Now over 40 years old. The university's mission has always been to combine academic rigour with the practical, entrepreneurial and imaginative approach pioneered by our namesake Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

Brunel University Interactive Mapping Website

Brunel University map

The Problem

Brunel University were worried about the impact their staff and students were having on the local environment by travelling to and from the university by car. They also wanted to improve their health and productivity by encouraging them to walk or cycle instead. This, coupled with the problem of limited car parking space meant that Brunel University needed a solution to promote travelling via a sustainable mode of transport.

The Solution

Brunel is committed to maintaining sustainability with regards to the travel it generates. As part of this commitment Pindar were commissioned to provide printed and electronic information to encourage staff, students and visitors to travel to and from the university using a sustainable mode of travel (cycle/walk/public transport), with the aim to reduce the congestion caused by car journeys.

The solution included the creation of a map with a 5-7 mile area around the University in a user-friendly style showing cycle, train, tube and bus routes. The maps also featured an isometric circle demonstrating the estimated walking times for pedestrians.

An interactive mapping website was also launched to provide the user with the following features:

  • Interactive pan-able mapping showing bus/cycle and walk routes.
  • Link to timetables via clickable bus numbers on the map.
  • Link to real time information for tube and rail stations.
  • Interactive search functionality by area name, road name, timetable and place of interest.
  • Interactive hotspots for local amenities (supermarkets, library, doctors, post office etc) linking to websites for further information.
  • Link to Brunel University Campus Site Map.

The website was launched using a postcard campaign containing a QR code linking to the website URL.

The Results

  • For the first time students, staff and visitors have access to bus, tube and rail timetables, real time and mapping information which is available from one source online.
  • Interactive mapping and timetables are kept up to date on a continual basis.
  • A modern and innovative way of providing public transport information.
  • Product can be enhanced with new informative features.
  • The site will contribute to a greener local environment and improve the health and wellbeing of Brunel community by encouraging sustainable travel.

Brunel University

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