17:19, Monday, 6 June, 2011

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Commissioned by Hampshire County Council in 2015 there are approximately 10 'travelling around rural towns' maps in the series. Pindar Creative worked with Living Streets in developing the content for a number of the locations. Each map is intended for residents and visitors to make sustainable travel choices when considering travelling. The maps concentrate on public transport, cycling and walking options.

Highlights are as follows:

  • A series of consistently styled leaflets emphasising client's branding across a range of towns.

  • Clear simple mapping to appear to adults and children

  • Easy-to-understand symbols – footprints for walking routes/footpaths, trees depicting wooded areas

  • Walking/cycling circles showing times from the village centre; these use bike/pedestrian icons to clearly distinguish between times

  • Bus routes clearly marked on map with corresponding routes shown on reverse of map.

  • Clear information on the reverse, highlighting different sustainable travel options

Hampshire County Council