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Origination of Timetable Publications


With hundreds of brand new eco-efficient buses hitting the roads, bus travel in the West Midlands is connecting more people with more places than ever. They have over 200 DL timetable leaflets, which are updated as and when services changes happen. These publications are required to be turned around quickly ready for the service change date.


We provide a fast-turnaround service to ensure that timetable leaflets are available to the public to inform them of important changes to the network. We normally receive either TransXChange data or registrations depending on the amount of change required. We then update the existing artwork to reflect the new service. We update between 10 and 35 leaflets each month.

We also work in partnership to improve information for passengers including specific ‘travel to’ leaflets for schools and universities across the region. The leaflets include a map centered on the location with a 5-minute walk zone, along with text information on the reverse giving information on travelling by the different modes of travel.

Quote Marks Open We are delighted with the new travel-to-university maps and are always impressed with the quality and service provided by Pindar Creative. We look forward to working with Pindar Creative to further develop and streamline our publications. Quote Marks Closed

Sarah Wilson
Digital Marketing and Information Manager
West Midlands Combined Authority
West Midlands Combined Authority

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