Public Health & Sustainable Transport Summit

Date: 27 March 2020

Location: City Hall, Bristol

Public Health & Sustainable Transport Summit logo

The Public Health & Sustainable Transport Summit brings together central and local government decision-makers to focus on practical best practice between the public health, transport planning and urban development sectors.

The 2020 programme will include the latest thinking & case studies:

  • Air quality initiatives
  • Public transport improvement and integration
  • Delivering active travel infrastructure
  • Behaviour change incentives
  • Settlements that encourage activity and provide connectivity
  • Transport equality and inclusion
  • Promoting evidence-based approaches through knowledge and skills transfer
  • Cross sector collaboration: frameworks and funding
  • Maximising co-benefits through active planning
  • Improving the health 'viability' of neighbourhoods
  • Traffic restraint and demand management
  • Land use, housing, social cohesion and transport

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