Act TravelWise Annual Conference

Date: 26-28 January 2021

Act TravelWise Annual Conference

The Act TravelWise Annual Conference will be held in the form of several online sessions held between 26-28 January 2021. The theme?: 'Creating a Blueprint for a Post-Covid World - Local, Connected, Clean & Active'.

The Covid landscape in transport and urbanism has brought in a host of changes – some positive, some negative and some still with a high degree of uncertainty. Rather than just letting things go 'back to normal' or change for the worse, we have an opportunity to shape our future according to a positive vision, building upon models developed in Paris, Milan and closer to home.

We have learned to appreciate the sense of place and sense of community that comes with spending more time locally. We have rediscovered walking and cycling, with councils taking steps to make active travel more viable for more journeys. We have found that so many of our previous trips were not as necessary as we had assumed.

At this conference, we will take the next step and focus on cutting-edge measures that can be introduced to support these positive trends, and to discourage a return to 'the old normal'.

The conference will be held in seven sessions over three days from Tuesday 26 January to Thursday 28 January 2021. Registration will open by 1 January.

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