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Congratulations to the successful bids as part of the Sustainable Travel Transition competition for 2016 to 2017.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The outcome of the Sustainable Travel Transition Fund bids has finally been announced, with the funding being shared between 23 projects across England.

The Sustainable Travel Transition Fund was announced earlier this year by the Chancellor, confirming that the Department is committing £20 million of the £80 million revenue to sustainable travel projects in 2016/17 to support the transition between now and the Access Fund which will formally launch later in 2016, to start in 2017/18.

This funding will benefit local authorities who wish to continue a sustainable transport project that has proven successful in the past, and who also want to start progress on plans to improve access to jobs, skills, training and education. It will also favor schemes that focus on cycling and walking.

Click here to see a list of the successful bidders

Pindar Creative specialise in producing publicity to promote sustainable travel across a wide range of media, including both printed and online solutions, and we were privileged to work on a number of LSTF projects

Our core product range includes:

We also specialise in producing 'travel to' leaflets aimed at a wide range of end users (Businesses, schools, universities, hospitals, etc) to encourage staff and visitors to travel sustainably. Please visit our sustainable travel page to view examples.

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