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Pindar Creative official Papercast Reseller

05 March 2019


Pindar Creative is pleased to announce it is now an official reseller of Papercast e-paper displays.

Papercast is a leader in solar powered e-paper bus stop passenger information display systems. The company works with public transport agencies and bus operators around the world looking for an innovative, future-proof and easy to implement solution to deliver real-time and other service information to passengers at bus stops.

The e-paper technology offers a distinctive combination of features, making the platform one of the most advanced solutions of its kind available on the market today. With the leading design principle of exceptionally low energy consumption, Papercast has developed its own e-paper display system to deliver far superior features in a stand-alone solar powered unit that can be installed literally anywhere, in hours.

With a range of configurations available, Papercast e-paper displays have been designed to provide high quality passenger information, with a focus on solar powered, wireless e-paper digital bus stops and shelters. They offer complete, future-proof replacements for legacy electronic systems and traditional paper timetables, while providing the ideal technology platform for smart city public transport information solutions.

The Papercast CMS (Content Management System) platform allows you to effortlessly provide real-time service arrivals as well as additional travel information such as service schedules, maps and timetable alterations. Offering instant GTFS, GTFS RT and SIRI integration, customers can enjoy the freedom of adding custom content apps such as local news, weather, events and tourist information.

Carl Thomas, Managing Director, Pindar Creative, commented

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I am really excited about the opportunities this can offer our existing customer base. Not only can we provide a cost-effective and robust system to deliver real-time and static information to the travelling public, a key element for the transport market is the ability to provide instant disruption information, which the Papercast CMS offers. Quote Marks Closed

Robert Bicket, Chief Executive, Papercast, commented

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We are delighted to welcome Pindar Creative who will now have the opportunity to better fulfil the passenger information needs of their customers. At Papercast, we focus on innovating e-paper display technology that is at the forefront of the market. We rely on our global partner network to help us connect our solutions with the right customers, and we look forward to extending this with Pindar Creative. Quote Marks Closed

More about the Papercast solution can be found at:

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