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Pindar Creative and PassageWay Announce Smart Mobility Sign Partnership

Monday, 29 April 2019

Pindar Creative become Supporter of the London Mapping Festival

PassageWay and Pindar Creative have forged a partnership to bring real-time smart mobility and digital wayfinding signs to clients around the world.

The partnership brings together the best-in-class mapping skills of Pindar Creative with the cutting-edge software developed by PassageWay for the delivery of real-time smart mobility and digital wayfinding signs. The alliance will empower clients to transform their existing Internet-connected screens to display the elegant, custom configured maps created by Pindar Creative, integrated with real-time public transport and commercial smart mobility data from PassageWay . The combination of bespoke mapping and real-time data will deliver an outstanding customer experience for clients that will encourage the use of multi-modal sustainable transport, providing an essential amenity that links the built environment to its local mobility options.

Chris Johns, PassageWay Founder, quoted:

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We're very excited about our partnership with Pindar Creative. Having been aware of their outstanding reputation for some time and blown away by the impressive quality of their mapping solutions we jumped at the opportunity to combine their offering with our technology. As the market shifts towards Smart City solutions, we believe the combination of our respective skills will deliver innovative, world-beating products that will benefit society and generate great value for clients. Quote Marks Closed

Carl Thomas, Pindar Creative Managing Director, quoted:

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We are very pleased to form this new partnership with PassageWay. This tried and tested software will allow us to offer our customer base another innovative solution to our travel-based customers. In this rapidly changing market, where budgets are constantly squeezed, PassageWay offers a fantastic way to deliver dynamic content and disruption information at affordable costs. Quote Marks Closed

About PassageWay
The PassageWay platform, originally developed for Transport for London, the worlds largest integrated transit authority, to create custom, hyper-local real-time digital signage for the circa 1.3 billion people who use London’s transit network annually. PassageWay is now empowering others to benefit from the technology, extending the platform globally and integrating data feeds from a multitude of sources.

About Pindar Creative
Pindar Creative is the UK's market leader in promoting active and sustainable travel. Pindar Creative’s portfolio of products includes: mapping solutions, timetable production, at-stop panels, wayfinding, fully responsive websites. and travel information based software solutions. The company helps hundreds of large and small organisations streamline the process of content generation and delivery outputs.

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