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CIL - a viable funding source to promote sustainable travel

14 June 2019

Did you know that the local community including schools, hospitals and other health and social care facilities in your area could apply for CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) funding?

This funding could be used to promote sustainable travel, through applying for the CIL neighbourhood portion. (for further details, see spending the levy).

What is the neighbourhood portion of the levy? A percentage of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) charging are passed directly to those parish and town councils (in England) and community councils (in Wales) where development has taken place.

Eligible Projects The proportion of CIL that a Parish or Town Council receives must be used to support the development of the area.

Funds can be spent on:

  • The provision, improvement / replacement, operation or maintenance of infrastructure; or
  • Anything else that is concerned with addressing the demands that development places on an area

This gives Parish and Town Councils considerable freedom to spend their proportion of CIL on the things that address the impacts of development on their area.

For example schools/colleges could apply for CIL funding to produce ‘Travel To’ leaflets to promote walking and cycling’, using our new online portal ‘SALI’.

SALI (Semi Automated leaflet Interface) ‘SALI’ is an innovative, user-friendly online portal enabling schools and businesses to generate sustainable travel leaflets for a one of fee of £250.

Users can add isochrones to indicate walking times and icons can be dragged and dropped onto the map to show the position of cycle parking, park and stride locations, and crossings. Lines can also be added to the map to indicate walk routes, restricted parking, and suggested cycle routes.

The portal is part of an initiative, which aims to encourage people to walk more, improving levels of health and fitness, while reducing congestion, air pollution and parking issues

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