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The Landor LINKS Active Travel Suppliers Directory showcases suppliers in the active travel sector

01 March 2021

The restrictions brought about by COVID-19 has created a unique opportunity to change the way we move around our towns and cities. The government has called for ‘A bold vision for cycling and walking’ to prioritise active travel methods and has allocated a total of £2bn of funding to create a ‘new era’ for cycling and walking. The aim is to enable councils to reallocate road space and improve conditions for active travel modes, with the added benefit of improving public health, reducing congestion, improving air quality and addressing climate change.

In response to this, Landor LINKS have published the first directory, which showcases the leading suppliers of products and services in the active travel sector. Suppliers are supporting local government to make towns, cities and rural areas less dependent on cars and promote healthier lifestyles through walking and cycling.

Pindar Creative are proud sponsors, of the marketing and communication section, of the Landor LINKS Active Travel Suppliers Directory. Click here to access the directory.

Double spread active travel directory

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