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Ramblers Cymru's Paths to Wellbeing Project

14 May 2024

Ramblers Cymru Community Information Boards

Ramblers Cymru's Paths to Wellbeing is a collaborative project to improve people's access to a more biodiverse Wales. It's a great example of how Ramblers open the way for everyone to enjoy the simple pleasures of walking in nature. The project put walking at the heart of 18 communities across Wales by giving them the tools and training to improve nature and access to walking routes in their local areas.

Pindar Creative was appointed to deliver 18 bi-lingual (Welsh and English) Paths to Wellbeing community leaflets and information boards, which formed the overall communication and marketing plan to promote and celebrate the project.

Each information board contained a detailed map showing the 8 colour-coded community walk routes, with a detailed key providing the walk length and a short description.

The maps were created using royalty-free data and were designed to provide useful information for people with specific needs when walking and cycling. This includes those walking with children, fulfilling caregiving responsibilities, managing long-term conditions or disabilities, and for those who use walking aids. The maps used clear sans-serif fonts and high-contrast colours, with specific icons highlighting accessible facilities such as safe and accessible routes, crossing points, and toilets.

Ramblers Cymru Map

Leaflets were also printed and distributed within each community. Our task was to create a consistent layout for all leaflets, effectively conveying the message in Welsh and English. We delivered a flexible and attractive design to accommodate the differences between each community leaflet, while maintaining a unified attractive design.

Paths to Wellbeing Leaflet

Quote from Ramblers Cymru

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