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Wander Buddy Service Launched in Banff, Promoting Active Living and Community Engagement

6 June 2024

Wander Buddy Map

A new initiative has graced the scenic landscapes of Banff as the Wander Buddy service launched on 23 May, 2024. Developed in collaboration with local residents, the Wander Buddy service aims to blend creativity with physical activity to enhance community well-being. This service has been made accessible through the Vinery in Banff, and offers one-to-one support from volunteers, encouraging wanderers to enjoy the outdoors at their own pace.

The need for the Wander Buddy service was identified through creative workshops, meetings, and walks facilitated by artist Stephanie Whitelaw over a 12-month period, as part of the Active-Creative project; a partnership between Live Life Aberdeenshire, North East Culture Collective, and The Vinery / The Foyer Aberdeen. It has been made possible through the Scottish Government Covid Recovery Fund and Creative Scotland.

At the heart of this initiative lies the Wander Buddy map, designed to encourage accessible strolls through Banff's picturesque locales. Developed by Pindar Creative, the map not only charts out accessible routes but also highlights key attractions and amenities along the way. The Wander Buddy map invites residents and visitors alike to explore Banff at a gentle pace, with benches strategically placed along the routes for moments of respite.

Wander Buddy leaflet

"Wander Buddy is more than just a walking service; it's a journey of discovery and connection," says Stephen Scott, a Wander Buddy volunteer. "Through this initiative, we hope to foster a sense of community while promoting the benefits of outdoor activity."

The map features four distinct routes, each offering its own unique charm. For example, The Woodland Walk to the Mausoleum takes wanderers through Wrack Woods and Duff House, offering a glimpse of native flora and historic landmarks. Meanwhile, the Coastal Walk towards Banff Links presents an opportunity to savour the beauty of the coastline, complete with colourful wildflowers and majestic views of Banff Castle.

Throughout the journey, wanderers are invited to make use of community rest points, where they can enjoy a friendly chat and a cuppa. These rest points serve as hubs of community engagement, providing walkers with valuable resources and a sense of belonging. As part of the Wander Buddy experience, volunteers are on hand to provide companionship and support, ensuring that each walk is tailored to the individual's needs and preferences. From practical assistance to creative nature activities.

Wander Buddy volunteers strive to make every outing a memorable one. "We're thrilled to have launched Wander Buddy in Banff," adds Scott. "It's a testament to the power of collaboration and community spirit, and we can't wait to see the positive impact it brings to our town."

For those eager to embark on their own wandering adventures, the Wander Buddy map is now available for download, offering a gateway to exploration and enrichment in the heart of Banff.

A Wander Buddy Development Coach, Josie Haslam, is now in post as part of The Vinery team. To self-refer, volunteer or just find out a bit more, email Josie at or call 07398 521 450.

Josie adds,

Quote Marks Open The map is truly awesome! Great pocket size, vibrant and so much information. Quote Marks Closed

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