Integration Services

Integration Services from Pindar Creative

Pindar Creative's integration services enable disparate systems to join seamlessly and allow the flow of information from one to the other.

Integration can be as little as passing a file between two systems or live connections from your website to your Back Office system to get real-time stock, price and customer discounts.

Whatever your need, big or small, systems integration is an everyday occurrence in Pindar Creative's world.

Potential Automation:

  • Stock information on-line
  • Order processing from ecommerce to back office system
  • Product information from back office system to website
  • Product information from back office to printed catalogue
  • Pricing from back office to ecommerce site

The Benefits:

  • Add value to on-line customer experience
  • Automate time consuming manual processes
  • Eliminate duplicated effort
  • Prevents databases being out of sync
  • Speed to market for new product information and changes to existing specifications
  • Increase sales and reduce data errors

Find out more about how we use Pentaho to help customers with integration projects

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